World Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) Day

On February 15, 2024, we want the world to come together for #WorldCCADay

World CCA Day is an international effort to raise much-needed awareness of CCA, a devastating cancer that occurs in the bile ducts in or outside the liver. This poorly understood and under researched disease is increasing in incidence globally - we believe collaboration is the way forward.

CCA causes a number of vague symptoms, making it very difficult to diagnose, and in some cases leading people to be misdiagnosed with other less serious conditions before receiving the correct diagnosis.  

After a long and difficult path to diagnosis, patients and their loved ones face the unknown – a type of cancer they have likely never heard of and know nothing about; in many cases the cancer is advanced, with a poor prognosis; and with limited treatment options available, they don’t know what comes next.  

This year, we are calling for a smoother journey to diagnosis for people impacted by cholangiocarcinoma – timely, decisive and supported. It's time to be #BeClearOnCCA.

We are asking healthcare professionals to take action to improve time to diagnosis:
Clarify – Get to know the signs and symptoms of CCA  
Listen – Establish whether the patient’s history indicates that they are at a higher risk of CCA  
Explain – Be transparent with the patient on possible diagnoses and next steps  
Act – Decisively to establish a diagnosis as quickly as possible    
Refer – Patients to a specialist and share resources to support them to understand their diagnosis

Show your support
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  • Take a picture: Print out our posters and share pictures of you and your network raising awareness during World CCA Day

You can make a difference today by signing the pledge to support us in establishing a global voice in cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) and ensure our vision becomes a reality.

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World CCA Day 2024 Resources

The World CCA Day Icon

Initially created for the first World CCA Day, the distinctive icon does not represent any one group or organisation, but is symbolic of all the organisations from around the globe who joined together on that first day in 2016 to work for a better future for all with CCA.

World CCA Day is now part of the work of the Global CCA Alliance but the icon remains the unique and nationally neutral symbol of the day, used by everyone from around the world who supports the venture, working together towards the shared vision of improving prevention, survival, and the quality of life of CCA patients globally.

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