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Establishing a global voice in cholangiocarcinoma


Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is a primary liver cancer affecting the bile ducts within, or outside, the liver. CCA causes a number of vague symptoms, making it very difficult to diagnose, and in some cases leading people to be misdiagnosed with other less serious conditions before receiving the correct diagnosis.

After a long and difficult path to diagnosis, patients and their loved ones face the unknown – a type of cancer they have likely never heard of and know nothing about; in many cases the cancer is advanced, with a poor prognosis; and with limited treatment options available, they don’t know what comes next.  

The Global Cholangiocarcinoma Alliance (GCA) is establishing a global voice in CCA by bringing together a community of advocates to raise awareness. We are asking HCPs, patients, caregivers and the CCA community to help improve the journey to diagnosis for people impacted by cholangiocarcinoma by signing our pledge and committing to a few simple actions to help initiate change.  

To learn about the #BeClearOnCCA campaign go to visit our World CCA Day page.

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I pledge to support the GCA in their campaign calling for a smoother journey to diagnosis for people impacted by CCA, by:

On February 15, it is time to unite and mark World Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) Day, and we need your help to raise much needed awareness of CCA.
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